Collection: Soap Sponges


Exfoliating massage sponges drenched in soap. Packed full of wonderfully scented SLS FREE, mild and gentle glycerine soap  

Product Details 

  • Excellent moisturising properties, many users claim they don't need to moisturise after use. 

  • Users with mild skin conditions like eczema an psoriasis have reported excellent results from using these sponges. (ALWAYS DO A SMALL PATCH TEST BEFORE FULL USE). 

  • Pack them into your holiday or travel hand luggage. REDUCES PLASTIC, LIQUIDS & SPACE 

  • These amazing Soap Sponges last for up to four weeks (sometimes longer) if using daily. 

  • Exfoliates away dead flaky skin and leaves skin amazingly soft. 

  • Can help to accelerate tanning. 

  • Great for removing stubborn fake tan 

  • Leave your sponge to dry after each use to preserve the remaining soap, and it will last for weeks 

  • Each sponge is wrapped in cellophane for freshness and labelled with ingredients